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My name is Suzanne McGhee but some people call me Suey.

I am a creative / art director and this is my story.

I was born and raised on a very large island in the southern hemisphere, about the same size as the USA but with only 1/10th of the population and where the sun pretty much shines everyday. Ever since I can remember I loved fashion and art, I made all my own barbie doll outfits and drew on almost anything I could get my hands on. After graduating high school I did an extra year in Waterloo, Iowa as an exchange student where I fell in love with America and discovered my passion for travel.

After studying fashion at Bentley College in Perth, Australia I worked as a pattern maker/designer for the first half of my career. In between I backpacked for 2 years around the world and when I got home I had a life changing experience while working as head designer for a Surf fashion house in Sydney. The owner John Batory, was the perfect mentor, encouraging my passion for graphic design by allowing me to rebrand his company, design the seasonal catalogues, oversee the advertising campaigns and ultimately go back to school to study graphic design.

Traveling also opened up my eyes to what was out there, and I knew after living in London that my next home would be in New York. I am now currently living the dream, camping out on a much smaller island in the northern hemisphere and loving every minute of it.

Please feel free to call (212 253 1669) or email me for more fun details. And don't forget to check out my resume!