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WB CRASH THE BACKLOT TOUR Through my design company Tomsuey, I have worked with Eventive Marketing since 2003 designing and providing full production services for many of their event projects. The Warner Brothers Crash the Backlot Tour was a series of national events set up through out the Six Flags Great Adventure theme parks that I helped create the environment, uniforms, signage and promotional collateral for all the activities to help promote the new program line up for Kids WB. This event was very successful and ran for 3 consecutive summers. I have also worked with Eventive for clients such as Johnson & Johnson, Dannon, Heinz, Nestle, New Vitamin Shoppe, Nivia, Purpose, Sine-Aid, Kelloggs (specialty products and Race for the Cure), Zippo, Tylenol, Kids WB, XBox, Pfizer, The National Anthem Project, Brawny, and Six Flags.
Stage Rendering
Stage set up in the Six Flags theme park
Uniform renderings
Stage with KWB characters
KWB main sign and gateway
KWB environment rendering
KWB screening room tent
KWB t-shirt design