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Below are a few sketches and vector illustrations I have done in the past for clients, I love getting out the pencil and playing with mixed media as well as creating quirky images that tell a story as well as make you smile a little when you look at them!

Zioptan Concept Board

Mixed media of pencil and photography — concept board created for a Glaucoma eye medication called Zioptan.

Zioptan Concept Board

Mixed media of pencil and photography.

Zostavax Concept Board

Vector ink paintbrush trace of sketch.

Eclipse Concept Board

Mixture of watercolor and photography.

G'Day USA Shootout

Illustration series created to brand the Australian Innovation Shootout event — held annually from 2007 through to 2010.

G'Day USA Shootout

An adaption to the Shootout illustrations for the pre event cocktail reception invitations.

NAB Poster Series

Vector illustrations created for a series of National Australia Bank annual events held in Soho, NYC.

Michele Lifland, LCSW

Human Potential Analyst, Writer and CMM Founder portrait illustration — Michele is a big fan of Roy Lichtenstein.