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The "Wildlife Australia Fund, Inc." is a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Australia’s wildlife. WAFI supports the acquisition and management of land in Australia for conservation, scientific research and public education. I was first asked to redesign their logo from a typographic treatment to also include a graphic element that could also be used as an icon and then promotional materials to help raise awareness in the US for funding opportunities.

Wildlife Australia Fund, Inc. Logo redesign

The logo was inspired by the Pungalina-Seven Emu Wilderness topography (there is a large river running through the land) and the many indigenous animals that live on this particular section of land.

Promotional Postcard — Front design
Promotional Postcard — Back design
Full page Ad

The Ad was used in the Philanthropic Dinner program to promote both the fund and the Australian Wildlife Conservancy.

Philanthropic Dinner Evite
Philanthropic Dinner Program honoring the Wildlife Australia Fund

The iconic graphic animals and topographic map art from the Wildlife Australia fund logo was used as inspiration for the cover design.